VICTORIA’S sheriff is coming to find you if you’re one of the fine evaders who owe more than $1.5 billion in outstanding warrants.

VICTORIAN Sheriff Brendan Facey said the Sheriff’s Office is taking sterner action against serial fine evaders.

“It’s frustrating that people are not getting the message that paying your fines is not optional,” Mr Facey told reporters on Monday.
“You could be tapped on the shoulder at the shopping centre, at your work, home or on the road.”

Victorians owe more than $1.5 billion in outstanding warrants for parking and speeding fines and unpaid tolls.
The Sheriff’s Office arrested 3354 people in 2013/14, a 60 per cent increase on the previous year.
Using number plate recognition technology, the sheriffs search every car they pass, matching them with a central database.

“It allows us to interrogate our whole database on a daily basis and ensures that any car that has a warrant attached to it, we can find,” Mr Facey said.
“We’re out there all day, every day, chasing these fines up.”

The Sheriff’s Office finalised about 420,000 warrants in 2013/14, an increase of nearly 25 per cent.
Despite that action, the value of outstanding warrants in the last year grew from $1.316 billion to $1.533 billion.

Mr Facey said legislation introduced in 2014 gave the Sheriff’s Office greater ability to identify people racking up large amounts of outstanding fines and take action early.
Unpaid fines attract a variety of penalties, including suspending driver’s licences, car clamping, and seizing and selling a vehicle or assets.


  • $1.53 billion in outstanding warrants
  • 4,267,137 warrants at June 30, 2014
  • 3,062,640 warrants issued in 2013/14
  • 3354 defendants arrested
  • 60 per cent increase in arrests.

AAP | OCTOBER 13, 2014 12:23PM

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